New co…

Today, during a team practice I’m surprised by more often than any other, one of the young guns gained clarity around why he’s on the hook to author his opus. He questioned why he didn’t just “fall in line” behind the founders opus. “I’m not a founder here, he is. I’m just a lieutenant.” It didn’t take a second for the founder to correct his teammates belief. “You may not have been here when I founded this thing, but you are now. And, together, we’re co-founding this new thing.” Very cool.

The greatest companies, teams, and communities don’t have one person doing all the thinking or one person doing all the dreaming. The best units have lots of big dreams coming from lots of different folks. The founder/owners job is to ensure enough alignment exists and eliminate roadblocks for teammates trying to make a difference. The founders job is to encourage his teammates to dream and do. The founders job is to communicate this kinda ownership thinking and keep broadcasting it long after he thinks the team has heard it.

Today, a few founders found clarity on the power of opus, the power of their own opus. Today, you could say, a new company was founded. New co. Good…

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