Read, think, write…

Watchman Née wrote a beauty back in 1957 titled simply Sit, Walk, Stand. This 67 page gem will cause you to think. Nee begins by reminding his reader to slow down and learn to sit first. Once we understand what it means to abide, we can slowly baby step our way toward walking in love. Slowly. Left foot, right foot. Good. Once we walk, resistance will come. The more we walk and learn to slowly serve, the more resistance is heading our way. Fact. Née learned to embrace resistance and be thankful for those opposing him. Née, you see, knew his only required response was to trust his Saviour and learn to stand.

Sit, Walk, Stand.

Don’t mix the order and don’t forget to refresh and refuel after a long walk or a difficult stand. God, remember, is generous and giving. Sometimes you and I just need to sit with Him awhile. Now for the coolest part of Nee’s book. He wrote this bad boy from his prison cell. He was arrested in China in 1952 on bunches of false charges because of his beliefs. His writing and his work carried on in spite of his circumstances. He kept sitting, walking, and standing even though for the next 20 years of his life, he was confined to his cell. Nee would die alone in 1972 still stuck in his prison cell.

Nee’s life was a reflection of his opus eventhough it certainly didn’t go according to his script. He learned to sit, walk, stand. And, you and I are the better for it. Thanks, Watchman for your writing. Thanks for showing us what it looks like to stand. This past week I slowed down with Ann & Jim and it was good. I heard Jim share three simple thoughts that align with me. He challenged every client of mine to do three things everyday.

Read, Think, Write.

Read, rich, thought provoking books. Slow down. Reflect. Think. And, of course, you gotta write. Write your thoughts. Gain clarity. Write what you’re going to do to put your new learning into action – productive action. Sound familiar?  God, help me sit, walk, and stand. God, help me slow down and read, think, and write. God, help me expect resistance – learn to love it and the person resisting. God help me to walk on. Left foot, right foot, good. God, help me…

1 thought on “Read, think, write…

  1. What a reminder. This was a great read when you recommended it a while back. Even better now that I’m being tested harder. My pastor recently reminded me of something Mother Teresa said,
    The fruit of silence is prayer. The fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love. The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace.
    He looked at me and said, “It starts with silence. You need to sit with the Lord.”
    I’m listening.

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