I like renaming people and renaming things. The “seconds pro app” guides our workouts in the 3PP. I program the exercises into the app and then simply hit play. The seconds pro serves as our trainer of sorts as the screen calls out the work and duration. We simply do what it says to do. The app doesn’t care how tired we are, it simply tells us what must be done. So, we do it. It’s amazing what you can do when you do not give yourself an out…

Of course, I’ve renamed many of the exercises. Jumping jacks are “Jmos,” named after jmo who does them faster and better than Jack Lelane, back in the day. Push ups are “studs” named after Doug. Doug is the oldest man in the 3PP and acts like the youngest, hence the new name – Stud.

We were 93 minutes into the workout, today, when the green light flashed on the seconds pro app, meaning we’re on our last iteration. The app was calling for TRX army crawls. None of us had much of anything left in the tank. Blondie said he would call out the first ten. My brain told my body it was done as Blondie barked out “four.” Instead of listening to my survival brain, I shouted out “Jim Gant” and told my body to keep crawling. You see, my friend Jim was a Green Beret badass – still is, a badass that is. So, instead of opting out this brain kept saying “Jimgant” with every count Blondie blurted.

You can do more than you think you can. You need someone and something that will make you do what you can – thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Rename your pain, friend. Rename your aim. Rename your work. Make it something that energizes your tired mind. Make it a labor of love. Make it an opus.

Today, TRX army crawls became Jimgants. Good…

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