Create a category…

Hey, do you know who was the third person to cross the Atlantic in solo flight? The answer is most likely that you do not. However, if asked who was the first woman to do so most of you would easily recall her name – Amelia Earhart.

We tend to remember those who create a category. The category creator in Columbus Real Estate has to be Shottenstein, doesn’t it? However, you might want to remember the name Kaufman. You see, Brett Kaufman and his team of krazies are recreating the category of Columbus real estate. They are the first to create communities that fly in the face of conventional real estate wisdom. They are building beautiful buildings with gardens, community services, and changing our skyline. Kaufman development isn’t the first company to develop real estate in our city. They are creating a new category. Good.

You can attempt to be first in whatever is your crowded, category of choosing or you can create a new category. Kaufman is creating a new category. Check ’em out, you’ll see. We don’t remember the third, fourth, or fifth people in just about any category. We do remember those few who create new ones. Good work, Kaufman krazies. Good work. Actually, good opus.

btw, Amelia was the third person to cross the Atlantic.


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