Blue skies…

England is known for her gray skies and kinda rainy disposition. Yesterday, during practice   12 with Timmyd’s team of Titans, one of England’s finest earned a new nickname from yours truly. He wasn’t sure, when we started team practice a year ago, what was up and why we were here. He was a bit cynical. No problem.

Yesterday, he gave Lisa the opportunity to take on a topic that just months ago he would have greeted with full turtle. Yesterday, he told her to go ahead and talk about something between ’em. He wasn’t very English, private, reserved, or standoffish. He was freakin’ blue sky and it was magic. My heart swelled as I watched a couple teammates act like, well, teammates. You see, Blue sky is growing and he thought previously that changing his spots was a spot of bother. No more. Blue sky led practice 12 and kept telling me to stop drawing attention to his growth. I couldn’t help myself. Come on man, who doesn’t love blue skies.

Tomorrow, remember, you can choose to see gray skies or blue. Choose blue, friend. Choose to brighten your teammates. You’ll see, kinda like England’s finest, gray is so yesterday. Blue skies today, please. Blue skies…

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