Down 64 – 50 with 2:52 left in regulation, things looked dire for our beloved Jayhawks last night. Coach Self kept telling his players to “keep fighting and make plays.” He was giving them the greatest gift – the gift of his belief. He never stopped believing. I was sitting right across the court from him and it was inspiring to see.

Many of the faithful, however, began to file out somberly, in disbelief at how horribly the night had gone, really, from start to that point. The WVU Mountaineers had been the better team for the first 37:08, a lot better. Coach Self kept believing and finally a 3 point shot went through the net for the first time in the second half. And, then another, and another, and another. The momentum shift was as clear to see as the WV mountains contrasted against the Kansas plains. When Frank Mason knocked down two charities, the game was headed to overtime – in reality it was already over. KU’s momentum carried them to 8 straight points in overtime and the once flying high Mountaineers, found themselves laid out on the valley floor – the beautiful Allen Fieldhouse basketball floor to be exact.

Last night, Miss, Krits, Josh, and I had court side seats to greatness. We watched amazing athletes battle in front of us for 45 minutes alongside 16,300 of our closest friends. I’ve seen some amazing comebacks by these Jayhawks (2008 National Championship with Krits they were down 9 with 2:02 in regulation), but none more shocking than this one. I mean nothing was falling for the Jayhawks. As my dad used to tell me, “they couldn’t throw it in the ocean!” And, in an instant, they couldn’t miss. Crazy thing, momentum.

So, friend, don’t forget the lesson here. En brera. En brera is Hebrew and means “no alternative.” This has been the mindset of the Israeli people for, well, forever. You see, this people group has had to climb up mountain after mountain after mountain just to survive. Earlier in the day, yesterday, I had used this phrase to remind a team of krazy Kansans that they don’t need to make excuses, they just need to make plays – in their case, they just need to produce. After all they are, in fact, producers.

You will have adversity and opposition, friend, to whatever goal is in front of you. Some days, months, and maybe even years, things just aren’t gonna be falling your way. Keep fighting and make plays. You’ll see, momentum does shift – if you keep working, keep fighting, and build a no alternative kinda mindset. In the blink of an eye you can go from nothing to nothing but net. Good…

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