BC vs. AC version 2.0…

Recently I was sharing a meal with one of my clients and a bunch of his family and friends. They all knew each other, the mood was light, and the conversation lively. As I engaged with the gentleman to my right, I heard my client break into laughter to my left. “Chet, you’ve got to hear this,” my client interrupted and turned to his girlfriend to explain. Turns out my clients girlfriend had been explaining some of the positive changes she’s noticed in him to the young ladies at our table. She had referred to the changes as BC vs. AC (before Chet vs. after Chet). My client was laughing as was the entire table. Talk about a nice compliment. I let it in…

Recently, another client of mine was forbidden to continue his work with BTL by his bride. She obviously doesn’t think as highly of our work together as does the girlfriend mentioned above. This one cut like a knife and led to many a sleepless night. Eventually, I let it go…

Both clients receive the same treatment from me. Both have gotten stronger as a result of the hard work they’ve put into getting better. I’ve been a catalyst, challenger, builder, and believer in both. The truth is you and I cannot control how our work is received or how we are perceived. We control who we are. We cannot control how others are. We control our effort, attitude and learning. Focus on the few and let their love in – let it in. Learn from the haters, sabatouers, and those that don’t appreciate your work – then, let it go. Your mental health depends on what you hold on to, remember.

BC vs. AC – I’m holding onto and laughing as I do. Good. How ’bout you? What kinda emotions are you holding onto? Whose comments do you keep replaying in your head? Whose compliments? Or, are you holding on to the condemnations? Let me encourage you to learn from those who don’t appreciate your work. Allow your strong CORE to allow the hurt to turn to help. And, hold onto those moments when you see growth in your clients and when some of it’s reflected back to your building. Hold those deep within you. Good.

What stuff you holding onto, friend? The good, the bad, or the ugly? You choose. Your choices have consequences…

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