Durp and I met at Northstar Cafe back in 2010. I had just learned that I was skinny fat. He was about to learn that he was soft. We’ve been practicing together ever since and he’s grown strong and stronger along the way. Durp has done the work within. You can see it. Yesterday it could not have been clearer.

Benji, during Choice team practice 227, got up and connected the team to his wopus – his work opus. It was great to see him initiate. After he connected the team to his dream, he took question after question after question. Calmly he answered as if he knew what questions were coming. Here’s the crazy part – he’s been with Choice for 90 days. Next, I asked Ari to stand and deliver his wopus, even though he hasn’t written one. I told him I know he’s got a big dream because I heard him share a bit of it with Durp a few weeks back. So, Ari stood and delivered a bit of his story from Rabbi, to lawyer, to initiating the Choice legal department. Again, here’s the coolest part – yesterday was his first day!

Whenever I question the value of BTL practice, which I do all the time btw, I allow myself to go back and look through Evernote all the way to practice one with this team – it is unrecognizable. Durp and this team are attracting an entirely different caliber and character. His hard work and the hard work of Sam, Traci, Heels, Keisha, Cali, Hopper, Josh, jmo, Jeff, Sarah, Lauren, Erin, Tosha, and many more has led to Choice’s ability to attract talent like Kim, Ari, Benji, and more.

Mass attracts mass, friend. BTL practice builds trust and deep trust is the enabler of peak performances. Thanks, Durp and team for trusting BTL practice and for doing the hard work required to make it yours. Can’t wait to see what you’re gonna bring to 228. Good…

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  1. And further more, when we can just be, we simplify our interactions down to our basic needs of love and understanding. The best part about this journey is that it strips away the bullshit and the agendas. What we’re left with is us. The complicated becomes simple, the scary becomes weak, and the fear goes away. That kind of focused strength can handle anything. It’s easy to see how that kind of power can attract and change anyone that craves it.

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