Bright boundaries version 3.0…

Want to stick to your disciplines, whatever they are? Set up bright boundaries that your mind cannot miss. “Nothing to eat after 8pm and one cheat meal a week,” is a bright boundary. Every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday the iPad seconds timer app is a bright boundary for me and, today, ten men in the 3PP. Yes we are running out of space as well as oxygen. There’s no missing the red screen and the reps in black. Bright boundaries help your brain and in the process help you stick to something, even something that stinks or simply hurts for awhile.

Set yourself up to be monitored. Weighing yourself every morning is monitoring. Texting a cheat is too. Practicing with a SEAL buddy and truth teller is a form of monitoring. Asking someone to watch you and give you feedback in the moment is monitoring. Videotaping your presentations and studying the tape is monitoring. Monitoring yourself helps you stick to disciplines. Good.

The most disciplined people on the planet spend very little time exercising their willpower. They’ve come to understand exercising willpower takes too much energy. So, they invest their willpower in building bright boundaries so they don’t have to think, at least not as much when the little Debbie Cakes start talking late at night. I always thought it was funny when my Mom would get up after dinner and immediately brush her teeth. Her clean teeth were a bright boundary to stop her from snickysnacks later on. Funny, huh.

Where do you crave more discipline in your life? Why do you want this? What are the patterns to your problem? What are their roots? How are you establishing bright boundaries for yourself? How are you monitoring yourself? Who is holding you accountable? Tell me more my little Debbie. Tell me more…

1 thought on “Bright boundaries version 3.0…

  1. I’m currently practicing the discipline of not doing and just being. I’m a doer, so this is hard. I plan everything and move at top speed. I’m also very distracted.

    I’m on a vacation with my husband for the week. My boundaries for this trip are are to follow his lead and remove all distractions. So unlike most trips I have nothing planned. I’m keeping my phone in the room, and I’m present in the moment. No work talk, just real talk. The result has been something beautiful. The calmness of the day with no agenda has revealed some really beautiful moments, and inspiring conversations. We are hearing and seeing the world with clarity and peace. We are doing things we’d never normally do. We’re just letting the moments guide us. If something catches our eye or heart we stop or adjust our path. We’re smelling the roses as they say. The lesson in being present is that by not doing I’m doing stuff that matters with clarity and fearlessness. There’s no distractions or anxiety when the only moment that matters is the present. Fears are conquered quickly and decisions are made with ease. You’re guided by the world instead of guiding the world. You’re mailable and flexible and more resilient. I plan to continue this new discipline of being with my team and my company when I return home. The boundaries to be present with the person in front of me, to listen, to let the world guide me, and to lead with my heart….to finally see, feel, smell, and taste. Amazing! Freedom!

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