Today, during practice 230 with a team filled with trust, we had thirty six souls speak and listen about hard things. Durp and I looked at each other in amazement at what we heard and saw. After every practice we talk and each one seems just a little better than the last. This one, however, was a game changer. So good.

Today this team used the “L” more times than I could count. You could feel it too. If I wasn’t crazily committed to practice prior to practicing with this team, I am now. Leader, whatever kinda team you’re leading, you cannot make them better by simply employing the latest systems and science. Nothing wrong with either, in fact, I highly recommend you deploy both and keep learning how to improve whatever are your current systems and science. Good. However, systems and science alone will not make your team excellent or elite. Only deliberate practice with your personal touch can complete the puzzle of high performance teams. BTL practice is not perfect. BTL practice is a work in process. But BTL practice is freakin’ magic, fifteen years in the making. We know BTL practice builds teammates with strong CORE’s, strong minds, and clear, self authored labors of Love (OPUS). We know this ’cause of teams like durps, Brett’s, Grap’s, Cbear’s, Joeylamb’s, Tommyc’s, Timmyd’s, HCM’s, Homies, and so many more who’ve committed to getting mentally tired together through deliberate, BTL practice. So good. So grateful…

Tonight my mind is on a natural high and it’s not coming down anytime soon. You see, I go from a labor of love during the day to a labor of love tonight (every night). You can too. It’s not really that hard of a thing. It’s just a little bit easier not to. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Durp, thanks for modeling the way. Thanks for the transparency. Thanks for trusting first. Thanks for giving. Thanks for loving.

See you at 231, friend. Good…

1 thought on “230…

  1. Today a team at practice #70 got to hear from one of their own how this team practiced at #229. He told his team we toss beachballs and volleyballs to each other – this team throws baseballs (not beanballs) back and forth out of the trust they have built. Thank you team #230 for challenging Team #70 – who even knew?

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