Today, during practice 33 with a team learning to come clean, we talked through a worldview belief of mine. You see, I believe peace is found on the other side of acute pain. Peace is found when you and I do hard things well. Peace, the long lasting kinda peace, is not a mysterious calm that some personality types simply possess. Peace, like virtue itself, is built by going against human nature. Today, an eerie calm came over our team as we talked about hard things and how we got through them. Today’s practice was not easy. It was good.

Do not turn away from the hard thing staring at you, friend. Don’t look away either. Instead, tighten your core, practice theory of fours breathing, visualize what it’s gonna look like on the other side, and take the first step toward your hard thing. Step into whatever it is. Remember the famous line from Winston Churchill – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

You and I are gonna face hard things, really hard things. One of the hardest things you can do, now, to improve your ability to handle hard thing after hard thing, is to do the hard work within, in your interior space – your CORE. Stop delaying the hard work of discovering who you are, what you believe, what fires your passions, purposes, principles, and leaves you with a clear sense of identity. Do the work within, friend. Come clean. Be who you are. Good.

Peace is found when you do hard things well. Peace, friend. Peace…

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