BTL practice…

Hey leader. Imagine getting this email at the end of a hard day invested in running your company. Imagine.

“After today’s BTL, I left the office really drained. Not in a bad way, but just drained. As I was driving home, it occurred to me that I felt an overwhelming need to say thank you. The opportunity you provide all of us, in BTL, is truly amazing. Most companies, owners, etc would not be willing to invest this much time, consideration and money into developing their team. Sad, but true.

Today, my 5th practice, I felt the comfort to share something some of my “friends” don’t even know about my past. And, while there was a brief moment of hesitation when Chet told us to share amongst our tables, it was fleeting. That shocked me, but it also filled my heart. I’ve been reading my BTL binder, and working on my world view and opus, but today was the first time I really FELT where I am with the xyz group, my teammates and my vision. While it was mentally and emotionally draining, as Chet would say, “It was GOOD.” Thank you for giving us, and specifically me, this opportunity. It’s never been more appreciated than today.”

What, leader, are you investing in to make your team better? Are you getting ’em tired, stretched,  and stronger? BTL practice does. Good…

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