Simple. Hard. Good…

Let me simply things. BTL builds strong individuals and strong teams.

The building begins with the leader and proceeds to the team through the gift of BTL team practice. Strong individuals are built primarily by the athlete (you), but also with the help of a skilled, caring, and challenging builder (us). Together we improve. The BTL builder’s gonna make you do what you can, starting with guiding you through the building of your CORE and continuing with the building of your mind. Strong individuals possess strong CORE’s and equally strong minds. We help you build both. You gotta do the work and it’s really, really hard – don’t believe me, just ask Dave, Joe, Glenn, Tom, Chad, Brett, Bob, Doug, Dan, David, John, Jeff, Carey, Thomas, Mike, Brian, Ron, Steve, and any other BTL client.

Strong teams are built through deliberate BTL practice. This is inexplainable, you have to experience it. BTL practice builds the kinda trust that only a few teams experience. BTL exists to build strong individuals and strong teams. Simple. Hard. Good…

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