Go towards…

Earlier this week, during practice 7, I challenged one of the leaders to stop his habit of running from trouble. He told the team he can’t take it when he’s around fellow teammates that are taking a play off, so to speak. His habit is to walk away and disappear when he finds himself in close proximity to disengaged teammates. He leaves them behind and goes to work. Nothing wrong with this if your aim is to be an elite, individual contributor. Feel free to do your own thing and do it well. Feel free to eliminate distractions and run from noise you sense is slowing you down. Individual contributors, oftentimes, are not Captain material.

However, if your aim is to become an elite leader in your system, you cannot ignore the disengaged around you. Run toward them. Kick them in the ASS. Transfer tension to them. Do not run away. Either make them a contributing, trusted member of your team, or make them ring the bell and opt out. You see, Captains are individual contributors who lead from within the ranks. We could use a few more Captains around every system I see. Stop waiting for your leader. Do your job, Captain. Transfer the tension to it’s rightful owner. Run toward, not away.

Go Bob go. Go towards…

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