Rat Dog and Goat…

Another amazing week finishing up with BTL. I will never forget team practice 236 where so many, amazing teammates shared their Builders Journey stories. Durp and I couldn’t have scripted this if we had wanted to. Listening to Ashley, Heels, Keisha, Sam, Lauren, and Cali was freakin’ magic. You couldn’t help but find your spirit elevated as you listened to them speak and their teammates adoration and curious questions. Never felt more love during a team practice. So, so good.

And, I’ll never forget playing golf, today, with Rat Dog and Goat. The weather was forgettable. My play was forgettable. The comradarie more than made up for it. We talked through breakfast, golf, lunch, beer, and MVGC milkshakes. We talked philosophy, classical music, and Seligman’s work on explanatory style. We talked college, Red Rocks, core, and opus. We talked toil and Solomon, Nietzsche and nihilism and so much more. We laughed, we high fived, and fist bumped. We talked grappling, gymnastics, and golf. We talked about the history of electronic mail and the history of Twenty One Pilots. We talked about when we’ll do this again. We talked about love. We talked about love while playing with one of our loves.

You see, today, was another day invested in living out my opus, this time with Rat Dog and Goat, a couple teammates of Josh and Tyler – all living out theirs. Today was the opposite of toil. Today was play. None of us was stressed out, none of us felt like heathens, and none of us worried about whether or not our car radio was stolen. You see, none of that matters when you’re lost in meaningful conversation. Thanks Rat Dog and Goat. We’re doing this again.


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