I love verses. So many verses speak to me. I love verses in a song, none moreso than the verses in the song titled Talk by Coldplay or the song Moment of Surrender , By U2. The verses from Coldplay teach us how to connect with each other horizontally, as humans. We really are all the same. The verses from U2 teach us how to connect vertically with our creator. And, like so much of life we tend to reverse the priority and get all kinda jagged horizontal relationships before we bend a knee or learn to look up. We are a beautiful mess, friends.

So, this early am, as I made my way to the fridge, I couldn’t miss the beautiful verse adorning our oven door. Miss picked this towel and verse. It’s a beautiful linen, white as snow, always clean and crisp. Always. She folds it neatly over the oven door and I walk by it each day, oftentimes, in too big a hurry to notice. Today, I took it in. The verse is short, sweet, and true.

Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times…”

Be ONE, friend. Be ONE. God, help me receive. God, help me give. God, help me give and take care. God, help me be a true friend to a few. Thanks, Miss, for the reminder. Good…

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