5th graders…

Want to influence your kids toward becoming men and women who contribute to their community? Stop telling them how good they are at stuff, especially how smart they are. You see, most immature brains believe in a fixed mindset. In other words if you tell them they’re smart or not smart, they’re gonna further believe they either have what it takes and get lazy, or don’t have it and give up.

When we study 5th graders around the world and compliment their effort (You must have worked hard at these problems) vs intelligence (You must be really smart at these problems) the ones who are recognized for effort choose more difficult puzzles to solve. Ironically, the ones praised for smarts, choose easy ones. You see, once someone thinks they’re smart, the brain wants to protect them from contrary data – play it safe here we come.

Challenge your young ones to increase their effort. Reward hard work. As you do this, you’re teaching your young ones to understand their choices are in their control, not outside ’em. The more you and I feel in control the more we take control of our choices. We self start when we think we can, and self starters are the key contributers to the greater good around us – our communities.

You can do this, leader. Your workforce mostly believes in a fixed mindset too. Reward effort. You may just be the catalyst for creating a few with growing minds, a few with a growth mindset. Smart. Really, smart.

Keep working. Good…

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