Asking for help…

Here’s a great question to ask yourself – When overwhelmed, do you go dark or merge with the team?

Yesterday, during team practice 237 with a team getting real & raw, the melody line I kept hearing was not around merging. Nope, it was not. For most that had the guts to get real, their tendency when overwhelmed is to go it alone under the guise they don’t want to be a burden to their buddies. Nobody wants to admit they’re weak (me included). Nobody wants to ask for help. Nobody, at least it seemed, thinks their teammates care enough to carry ’em when they’re overwhelmed. And, this is one hell of a team too! Imagine what people are thinking on normal teams?

Let me remind you of Doc Potterat’s (Former Navy SEAL lead psychologist) favorite weed out question for would be SEAL’s. I love this one. “What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done or gone through and how’d you get through it?” If you’re gonna make it into BUD’s you had better be able to humbly recount a moment that got the best of you and you better be able to ask for help. You see, the Doc is looking for strong/humble teammates that are wired to merge, not go dark. If you go dark as a SEAL, teammates die. When overwhelmed, the strong, you see have no problem asking for help. When overwhelmed, the strong push their sense of pride down and put their hand up. And, when the strong notice a teammate struggling, they grab a hand, pull ’em up, and somehow make their teammate feel they are not a burden – just one of their best buddies.

Do you go dark or merge with the team, friend? God, help me merge with you and with the many friends I’m blessed beyond belief to have beside me. God, help me give and take care. God, help me give more than I take. God, help me merge…

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