What’s the Antidote to a Fixed Mindset?

Are you ready for the Solar Eclipse on Monday? All across the country kids will have an opportunity to experience something very unique, interesting, exciting and mind expanding! You just watch a play ground full of kids on Monday and I would venture to say you will see unbridled enthusiasm, kids having fun, hundreds of questions being asked and good teachers taking advantage of this unique learning opportunity! A friend of mine (NUGE) has invited a group of us to his farm to watch the Solar Eclipse and I’m not at all surprised he is doing this for his friends. I don’t think he is necessarily a space junkie, or a big star gazer, he is just passionate about learning, exploring and wanting you to enjoy the moment with him!

Nuge totally exemplifies the idea of a Growth Mindset, (learns from past experiences, embraces challenges, loves learning and learns from others successes). He makes you better with his infectious attitude of, “Let’s have some fun, explore together, learn, experiment and fall flat on our faces at times and have a good laugh about it!”

I was in a conversation the other day and someone asked if we were planning on watching the Solar Eclipse Monday and one person simply said, no, I am not interested in that kind of stuff! Several people shot back……Hey, doesn’t happen everyday, pretty unique? Why don’t you join us? Each time, he expressed no interest and and we left it alone. However, as I walked away I couldn’t help but think about the kids on Monday who will be just giddy over the idea of witnessing this event and how many adults lose that passion and enthusiasm for learning, new experiences and just having fun exploring something different or challenging!

Where do you see yourself in terms your passion and enthusiasm for learning? Would your friends describe you as having a Growth Mindset and being insatiably CURIOUS like my friend Nuge or a Fixed Mindset (avoids challenges, give up easily, see yourself as limited physically & mentally, lacking in resources to grow and succeed)?

As Carol Dweck stated so clearly in her book Mind Set, the Antidote to a Fixed Mindset is Curiosity and there is a strong correlation with life satisfaction and being curious. So, take advantage of those mind expanding opportunities that surround us each day and grab a friend and have some fun learning together!






1 thought on “What’s the Antidote to a Fixed Mindset?

  1. Good post Petro! Connie and I are in SC for the Total Eclipse farewell party on the beach which begins at 2:45pm. You’re so right — a growth mindset embraces being in the dark to learn something new. I’m privileged to watch you my fellow builder as our oldest kindergartner acting like one of the youngest on the playground.

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