The test for Low Pressure Leadership…

…is what happens when High Pressure builds around you.

The paradox of Low Pressure Leadership is it’s the HIGHEST form of leadership. The greatest, most sustainable leadership influence comes through low pressure — drawing others TO something bigger than you out of love — not pushing them along out of fear through the power of your high position.

In South Carolina with Connie for the total eclipse on Monday, I learned a nuance. Low pressure systems spin counter-clockwise, the opposite of high pressure systems. The “whether” test which will determine our weather is which system will be stronger come Monday. If the low pressure is strong enough, its eye will lead the storm out to sea, and draw in a high pressure system behind it like clockwork by 2:45pm for a clear sky to do what it can – to make a once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse moment magic.

This is the same “whether” test for Low Pressure leaders. When your team is facing a storm or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this will test the strength of your core and the steadiness of your eye. Unlike storm chasers, at BTL, we build the strength of our leaders to stay strong and stand strong amidst the storm to protect the team from the storm.

One of my favorite new clients just turned 34 years old, and his company is on the brink of hailing in a new wireless power capability which will transform the world as we know it in the same way the Internet transformed my world at his age. In July, the storm this CEO faced was raising $$ to keep his start up afloat – it required a 2-week around the world tour to meet with investors. My work was simple but not easy – to remind him of what he believes, and to challenge him to have the non-anxious presence and emotional strength to not only steady himself, but to steady his team, and to draw in investors to connect with his big dream. Day 1 the tweet couldn’t have been more sweet — he had already exceeded the $1.25mm goal. By the end of the trip it was nearly doubled.

Another of my favorite new clients just won CEO of the Year in Columbus. He and his team deserve it. AND I believe he would have won it without BTL, which would miss the point. Those who invest in BTL and in themselves are often already at the top of their industries, the most recognized in their field. What sets them apart is they never settle. They are always building for the next opportunity, the next storm, and as the storm approaches, their focus is not on the strength of the storm but on building their core stronger. This too is a paradox of low pressure leaders and teams – part of the reason they don’t “feel the pressure” so much is they’ve girded themselves for it. At a time when others would be reacting to the pressure, their “eye” – their focus – stays centered.

When a low pressure leader and a high pressure situation confront each other, the “test” is which will be stronger. Low pressure leaders anticipate the test, embrace the test, and prepare for the test – by building a strong core.

Together we stand strong. Together We Improve.

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