Tune in. Turn toward…

Talking to Miss this afternoon, I told her I’m kinda depressed this weekend. Yes, I too suffer from dragging ass some of the time. As is her nature, she turned toward me and asked me questions – easy ones, the kind that just having someone ask ’em makes you feel a bit better. We talked for awhile, no fixes were given, no solutions identified, and nothing much transmitted in terms of substance or even understanding. We sat together on the couch and nothing much was said. Earlier this week, sitting with a friend who has plenty hurting him, I remembered how little I offered. I listened, tuned in, turned toward, and absorbed. No solution came to mind and no easy button identified. So, I simply sat with him and made sure he knew I hurt with him.

I guess maybe that’s the hardest thing about this work. We sit with lots of lonely hearts that happen to be leaders too. These humans struggle with dragging ass even though they’re perched high, prominent, and seemingly powerful. And, just like the women I wrote about earlier from Choice Recovery, these leaders have a hard time asking and receiving a helping hand. Funny, but true.

So, friend, remember there are plenty of hurting humans near you. Be one of the strong ones who senses what’s unsaid and turns toward instead of turning away or turning against. Turn toward. There’s nothing harder than a loss of connection, friend, and everyday hurting humans all over your world feel like they’re lost, disconnected, dropped, and nobody even knows. You ain’t got to do much is the good news. Tune in is just about all it takes. Tune in. Turn toward. Good.

Thanks, Miss. I feel better. Good…

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