Masters remember this…

“The greatest moral teachers,” someone once said, “do very little instructing – they mostly remind us.” So true.

Watching The OSU grapplers practice is not much fun. They lift heavy things, like barbells, dumbbells, and heavy balls. They roll around on the mat perfecting repetitive motions over and over and over again. Venture over to The OSU womens basketball practice later today and you’ll see more elite athletes running monotonous drills they’ve done since grade school. This too looks a lot like a mundane moment set on repeat, kinda like a needle stuck on an old vinyl recording. Speaking of music, I can’t imagine anything more boring than visiting an elite school of music and watching a world class violinist playing the same notes over and over and over again. Talk about boring!

However, when you watch Nate Tomasello take down his opponent with a shot that appeared propelled out of a canon, you’ll find yourself uncontrollably out of your seat with arms raised high. Prefer basketball? Watch the OSU womens team execute a perfect out of bounds play and free up Kelsey Mitchell for a nothing but net three from the corner – you’ll be out of your seat in an instant, unable to contain your need to praise the effort and execution.

So, friend, remember that the work you do on your own, practicing the mastery of your craft won’t always be fun, awe inspiring, and feel like a labor of love. It’s alright to labor, just not in vain. Masters understand the mundane moments are simply part of the gig. What keeps them going is never losing sight of the aim. This, friend, is why we don’t allow you to settle for a somewhat clear OPUS. Your brain’s got to clearly see the target, the big dream, the shore. You know this.

Doesn’t hurt to be reminded…

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