Grappy, Durp, and the gift…

When you look back on your life, friend, you will measure backwards on how far you’ve come in terms of compensation, collection of automobiles, homes, personal growth, professional accomplishment, and all kinda other metrics that you chose to chase. You might measure how many buildings you built, how much insurance you sold, how many Arnold’s you ran, how many clients you served, how many deals you did, how many matches/meets/games you won, how many stocks you picked, how many assets you managed, or how many companies you owned. All of these will matter, to some degree or another, when you look back on the contributions of your time here on this planet. Nothing, however, will compare to the moments where you sense that something you said or did caused a fellow human being to not only feel more but become more. Nothing will feel better than those moments where you gave the gift of belief to one you love. And nothing is more satisfying to the human soul than when we feel it in deep in our bones that being here made a difference in another human life. We, friend, are made for this. I believe this.

Yesterday, something nudged me to call Grappy an hour before Choice practice 239 and ask him to drop everything and come share his story. He had come to practice 66 here four years ago and with one taste of BTL decided he had to have more. We’ve been friends and fellow builders of grapplers ever since. First off, it’s a miracle he answered the phone (this happens 1 out of 20 times/he’s a texting machine), but he did answer. He took about three seconds to say he would be there. I couldn’t believe it and started smiling ear to ear, knowing this was gonna be some kinda magic. I had no idea. Grappy spoke for over an hour straight and it was better than being in a Rich Nathan sermon (high, high bar). It was amazing. Grappy is impacting grapplers and groups far removed from his sport. He’s a gem with a heart for humans. Here’s a response I received from one of the people in yesterday’s practice 239. Grappy gave. She received. So, so good…

“I needed Coach Ryan’s story today.

I’m a single mom doing my best to raise my kids to be kind, loving, and intelligent people who make a difference in the world. I recently decided to get a second job to help financially. To hear his piece about his mom and the way he views her struck a cord in my heart. It’s everything I long for them to feel for me. It’s why I get up every single day. Everything I do is for them.
The piece about his son opened my eyes and my heart like never before. My son is 5, full of life, happy, silly, smart, and literally the light of my life. Life can change at the blink of an eye. I cannot imagine the pain he, his wife, and their kids endured. So the nights I’m tired from a long or rough day at work, my two hours I have with them before bed mean more to me now. I will make the most of every single second.

Thank you for having him with us today. I remember talking with him when he came to our practice before. He is such a special man whose vulnerability is literally changing lives. Im inspired more than ever to be the best mom I can be. I’m extremely grateful for BTL and you both everyday, but more so today. Thank you for that gift.”

Nothing will feel better when you look back over your life and recall moments such as these. And you, friend, can give the gift of belief today to someone beside you. All that’s required is for you to turn toward them and see the good, compliment effort, listen, practice vulnerability/being real, and give courage from your full heart. Nothing compares to contributing light, hope, and love from your heart to another. Thanks, Durp, for your belief and for your crazy contribution to the world of collections. Your team touched me yesterday, just as Grappy touched them. Together we improve. Good…

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