The best days…

Today was another freakin’ magical kinda day. When I look back at the best days of my life there’s a melody line and it’s not hard to feel, see, or touch. My best days are always days filled with one thing and one thing only. My best days are filled with opus, days invested in some labor of love. Today was invested in a few of my “love to’s,” while hanging with some of my loved ones. Today was freakin’ magic because I gave gifts of love, sent with joy, received with gratitude. Simple. So sweet.

Tonight will finish with some travel with my bride and hugs with my daughter. On my best days, my mindset is that I’m blessed to do what I do with whom I’m doing it. For many in this world these kinda days don’t happen because they’ve got too much to do and too few helping ’em along the way. If you find yourself as fortunate as me, don’t get hung up trying to change the world. Pick a target or two and change their world. Lend a hand. Give one of your gifts. Come alongside and dig in. Joy filled days are found when we invest in our labor of love and invest in loving a few in our world.

Wanna change the world, friend? Labor in love, lend a hand, pull someone up. Good. You just did…

1 thought on “The best days…

  1. We stayed until 3:00 hanging out, putting and soaking in the moment. $10K is a bargain for a day like today with you and my friends. Thanks for sharing your time with me. See you soon Chicker.

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