Bet on we…

Another amazing week winding down (at the moment in downtown KC) with Krits, Miss, and little Miss Penny. A couple times this week I’ve heard people describe how they’ve made it into the life/work of their dreams by “betting on me.” This is true and incomplete. Yes, if you are to become an entrepreneur of life, friend, you’re gonna have to place a big bet on yourself. You cannot live well while being as Ayn Rand described, “second handers.” In other words you’ve got to sing your song, not parrot (second hander) someone else. Fact. So, you’ve got to bet on you which means you better build into you before going all in, right? This only makes sense.

And, you cannot stop betting here. You’ve got to bet on we too. If my life was as simple as betting on me, there would be no need for my Miss beside me. I would simply build my CORE, author my OPUS, and get busy betting on my PA (productive action) to bring it into being. The problem with betting on me is when I realize going all in at the me table is gonna leave me lacking. I suck at so many things and don’t want to labor improving in areas that drain me. Without good, complimentary partners (Miss and many, many more) I would have no choice but to learn to labor into pain. Not good.

Bet on we.

Miss and her strengths compliments my deficits. Where I see nothing but blue sky she reminds me of the clouds a coming. Together we see so much more than either of us on our own. I’m betting on we. The BTL band is better than Chet singing solo. Gurue, Kitty, Browny, Petey, and FD bring skills, perspectives, and contributions that I cannot. I’m betting on we. The BTL clients are the berries. Without Brett, Durp, Grappy, Dub, Slo, Kevin, Cbear, Joeylamb, Brian, Rich, Tommyc, Kyle, Dave, Ron, Steve, Dantheman, and Worldwiderobert, I wouldn’t have, well, a business. Without the right kinda clients, this experiment would lack the catalyst for becoming freakin’ magic. I mean you cannot be your best without family, friends, and clients that take your freakin’ magic and transform it into more, not less, as you mix it up. So, friend, be careful to bet on me and kinda forget how important it is who you bet on beside you. Every one of us is most affected by the ones we choose to circle around us. Choose wisely when betting on we.

Bet on me. Good. Betting on the right we? Freakin’ magic in the making for today, tomorrow, and even for that day when we’re dust. You see, betting on we leads to a legacy way beyond you and me.

Bet on we. Good…

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