Insights we can use…

Normal humans (you don’t want normal, friend) are focused on their outer life, others lives, and next to never on their inner life. High performers flip the focus. Putting first things first, remember, doesn’t make second things less. Instead (Thanks C.S. Lewis), putting first things first makes second things more.

Inner. Other. Outer.

Focus your attention inward, first. Think of this as if you are listening to the flight attendant when she tells you to put your oxygen mask on first. Next you need to look up from iPhone and focus your attention on the significant others with you. Most distractions that derail performances are emotional ones. Today, most of those are rooted in disconnects with loved ones and teammates we’re not turned toward. Lastly, focus your attention on your system. See all the connections from you to your team, your market and beyond.

A lack of inner focus leads to a rudderless leader. A lack of other focus leads to a clueless leader. And, a lack of outer focus leads to a leader experiencing a sudden system surprise sometime soon. Yikes. This leader has just been blindsided. Not good. You need to build your second nature, my friend. You need to start within, continue with others, and finally become a student of your system. You are a house divided and it starts with a mind divided. Focus yours. Start now. Wanna know how? Write. Write. And, write some more. Clarity will come. Most likely it will come suddenly in the form of surprise. These kind of surprises we call insights. We like these kinda surprises.

Inner. Other. Outer. We could use a few more leaders who steer through chaos with an amazing sense of calm, connect deeply in work/life, and see the future with insights we turn into innovations. Who knew clarity within was the lynchpin to insights we can use. Who knew? Well, now you do. Good…

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