Practice, this past week, revealed a misplaced focus by one of my clients. He, like you and me, lost it recently with one he loves. When he wrote the root of his untimely anger, it was in some misplaced combination of “woe is me,” and worrying about me – about how she is making me look to those around me. Both of these are focused on externals. Focusing on externals should be at the top of all humans “stop doing list.” You see, friend, focusing on externals is like giving your mind to strangers, family members, coworkers, and clients. You wouldn’t give your body over to these people, would you?

Why, then, do you so readily give them your mind?

You control your character. Focus here, instead. Maybe you should re-read yesterdays rant regarding inner, other, outer. Your circumstance is not your problem. Your response is. Focus on responding to the input of life in alignment with your CORE – with who you’ve chosen to become. Hopefully, this is a timely character reminder my friend.


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