Small bets…

Today, during a one on one practice, a client began to tell me about some of his “small bets.” He had taken me up on the challenge of making more bets when it came to marketing himself and his services. You see, a few years back, I asked my son Jordan to help me understand the biggest difference between professional poker players and really good amateur ones. He responded by telling me it was “small bets.” When I asked him to tell me more, he explained that pro’s play a ton more games than the amateurs. He’s not talking about tournaments or high stakes tables, he exclaimed. Everybody shows up for the big events. The pros simply make a bunch more small bets in their everyday games.

So, friend, when it comes to marketing your magic, you probably need to make more bets. It’s not about going all in, it’s about playing more games, making more small bets, and slowly figuring out what leads to more winning hands.

Go on, take a few more fliers. Don’t bet the farm, but bet something. Masters make more bets than most. And, it turns out, most of their bets are small. Thanks, Jordan, for the pointer. Poker players, producers, social media magnates, and superb salespeople in general, make more small bets. What about you, friend?


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