Practice two felt like practice twenty last week with a team of ballers. We had one of the athletes read the lyrics to the song titled Talk and then we, well, talked – really talked. One teammate challenged herself and her teammates to “learn to listen to the words not the person saying them. We tend to tune out some teammates because of who they are, at least who we think they are in our mind,” she kinda sheepishly continued. You could tell by tuning into her that she meant what she said. Are we really only on practice two, I heard my little voice say to me. Before I had time to process what was happening, one of the captains shared some real freakin’ magic regarding her interpretation of the song. “We are all chapters in ONE book. We gotta understand each other’s language before we can make sense of the book.” “We too focused on our own chapter,” she exclaimed with shoot in her eyes, “And, it ain’t all about me.”

Practice two and this team, when given the option of finishing on time or going into overtime to finish off the big five fears, chose to go late and finish what we started. They could have opted to end on time and get back to being college athletes and just hang for awhile. I mean come on man, it was late and these are busy, tired, teammates only on practice two. They chose, instead, to finish what we started. And, finish strong they did. A couple of ’em got so engaged in understanding fears that the “Amens” were coming so fast and frequently that more than a few laughed and said the locker room felt more like they were in Church – ’cause, well, in so many ways they were.

You see, BTL team practice is designed to cause community. We can’t create it, only you all can do that. We simply know a thing or two about being the catalyst to help you and your team elevate your dialogue, deepen trust, and form a community where your chapters come together and seamlessly connect diverse thoughts into something that not only makes sense, but makes you more ONE than you’ve ever been before. We are all chapters. Never thought of it that way. We’re all chapters. Chapters.

You know, friend, we are all chapters in ONE book…

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