Do more than you think version 3.0…

Today, during practice 212 with a krazy kollection of k-dev kind souls, we did a little self discovery that lead to some discovery about each other. We heard about fear, uncertainty, and doubt: the FUD factor, if you will. We learned about the reality of Moore’s law on modern life. The pace of change is not slowing, it’s exponentially on the increase. Our primal brains are battling to keep pace.

The recipe, quite ironically, if you find yourself feeling the FUD factor closing in, is to start by slowing down. Rest. Get a good nights sleep. Walk. Bathe in sunlight. Meditate/pray. Talk. Opus. Play. Stop the ruminating mind. Do more than you think. You, friend, can do more than you think.

Today, a krazy kollection talked about stuff mostly unrelated to their labor. Today they came together to get to know themselves and their neighbors a bit more. Today fear took a hit as the room was filled with love. Good. The pace of change is not slowing. You just might get ahead, friend, by slowing down to speed up. The recipe is not to continue running down the do, do, do trail. Stop running, mindlessly and stepping in stuff as you try to keep up. Slow down and build a strong, ever stronger BTL core. Know who you are. Be. Slow down and build an authentic opus – a labor of love. Do.

Do more than you think. You can do more than you think. Are you beginning to see why putting first things first doesn’t make second things less, it makes them more. Thanks, C.S. Lewis for making us think. Thanks, Epictetus for making us do.


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