Embrace the disruption…

Our purpose, our big why, our reason for existing, are best demonstrated by our work. You cannot really understand BTL without experiencing BTL. That being said, however, doesn’t eliminate the need for us to explain ourselves. So, we follow our own recipe and broadcast our O.P.U.S. Our purpose, the “P” in the OPUS, is as follows:

“We Awaken, Challenge, and together Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE. ONE, distinct, deeply connected and BTL.”

We, the BTL Builders, are drawn to this work. It is our aim to model the way and draw some of you in as well. We have drawn in more than we could have imagined almost sixteen years ago when we got underway with nothing but an idea. For this we are forever grateful. We have much more to learn along this route we refer to as the builder’s journey. Everyday we are more student than teacher.

Here’s a peek into some of our latest learning unpacking the truth in our purpose. We use the word awaken at the beginning of our purpose statement, will, on purpose. We spend most of our time waking up people. And, kinda like a noisy alarm, this is more of a jolt than it is a slow, gentle, return to reality from a night filled with pleasant dreams. “We Awaken,” sounds much better than it is. In reality, waking up sucks. Most of you reading this don’t want to wake up. You’ve been sleepwalking through life since things stopped making sense.  You don’t think much anymore you just do what you do. Reading the BTL blog is safe. No worries there. You can read and sleepwalk on and on. Attending BTL practice is safe. No worries. You can show up and simply go through the motions. Just keep your head down and your heart closed. Reading articles and listening to endless podcasts? Safe and it even feels good, at least for awhile.

The problem begins, however, when you start asking yourself questions. Good ones. Ones you’ve been avoiding for awhile. Ones around why you’re here, why you’re doing what your doing, and why you are with whom you’re with. The problem begins when you take the “red pill” like Neo in the movie The Matrix.You see waking up is hard. Waking up hurts. Remember this. Expect this. You are going to want to return to sleepwalking. Don’t do it. Don’t go back to sleep, friend. Life is meant to be lived “eyes wide open,” isn’t it? Our purpose, at BTL, is disruptive. Embrace the disruption, friend.

Yesterday, toward the end of practice 245, rowrowrowyourboat was given the choice to take the blue or red pill. She’s been overly focused on what others think and how the systems matrix gives birth to the answer. Normal. I challenged her to find her answer within. I challenged her to author her matrix, and like Shawna, figure out her best way forward. She’s got to choose to embrace the disruption if she wants to wake up and begin the hard climb toward Transformation peak. The same is true for you and me.

Keep working, my waking friend. Keep working. The transformation process is disruptive. Always has been, always will be. Embrace the disruption within you. Embrace the disruption with your loved ones. Embrace the disruption with your teammates and within your work system. Embrace the coming challenges. Together we’re gonna transform and it’s gonna be good. Remember, together we improve.

Only true if you embrace the disruption, first…

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