Renaissance and Reformation…

Way back in the day, 1452 to be exact, a baby was born out of wedlock (Thank God, or he would have been a notary like the first born legit sons of his family for five generations) and his name was Leonard. Leonardo Da Vinci would usher in the Renaissance almost exclusively on the back of his insatiable curiosity about everything. In 1483, just up the road a piece, another baby breathes his first breath. His name? Martin Luther. A few years later, in 1517, he would nail his 95 Theses on a wooden Church door and the ushering in of the Reformation was underway.

Leonardo would create art, architecture, and airplanes among many more creative firsts. He would perform the first autopsy and draw the connection between our food and internal organ health/disease. The world would never be the same.

Luther would divide us, even though his aim was simply to search for truth. Talk about an unintended consequence, huh. He would be the dude who promoted the very modern ideal that the individual is not, first, responsible to some state or church. Luther would preach that our first responsibility is to ourselves and to God. This would have been unthinkable previously. I guess we could credit Luther with ushering in the very notion of self help.

Leonardo and Luther are a couple old, dead dudes worth studying and learning from. I’m doing just that at the moment as I devour Leonardo Da Vinci, by Walter Isaacson and Martin Luther, by Eric Metaxas. I’m in my warm library getting lit by learning. Hopefully, some of this learning will make it’s way into the BTL 12 8 4 framework. So much about these two men and their work already has. The Renaissance and Reformation are a couple periods worth my time. God, help me learn and extrapolate to myself and the teams you’ve blessed me with. God, help me be a conduit not a cul de sac. God, help me learn from the dead, alive, alike, and those very unlike me. God, help me…

Back to the books. Good…

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