It is what it is…

“Life is difficult,” M. Scott Peck shares with the reader as he opens his masterpiece The Road Less Traveled. This might fall under the proverbial, Captain Obvi, but lets explore a bit further.

We live in a space and time of unprecedented change. We have humans who have, literally, seen a “day” compressed to 90 minutes from sun up to sun down. Of course these humans were traveling at 17,500 miles an hour while orbiting, not walking on earth. Soon, we will “know” something happened before it happens. The autonomously driven cars will see future crimes, not simply the slowing cars. The singularity is here and most of us have no idea what this might mean to human identity.

So, this early morning, I’ve been reading and reflecting – one of the best ways to slow down our soul and simply refresh. Here’s what’s stumbled into my consciousness – “it is what it is.” This is certainly not the first time I’ve thought this, nor it is some radical discovery. However, as you find your brain seemingly speeding forward at the speed of sound when some kinda disaster (real or imagined) reaches your mind, this thought might offer some solace. It is what it is, friend. It is what it is.

Let me share a brief example very pertinent to my own peace. A little over sixteen months ago, my bride became very ill. She went from my strong Greek/Comanche to a sleepless, restless, can’t eat, can’t sleep, anxious, and nervous Nellie. Her heart began to race out of control, as weight fell off her too fast and too furious. We went to doc after doc and got diagnosis after diagnosis that left us with more questions than clarity. Nothing made sense and nothing we did seemed to work. Neither one of us had ever been this chronically diseased and I, for one, did not handle it well. Miss is still not “back” to her old self (funny thought, huh) but she is much better thanks to a Herculean effort of her own. We’ve learned a lot through this trip down before returning up. We’ve learned a lot, friend, going down. For me it wasn’t until I accepted that this was happening, that my soul somehow slowed down my runaway brain. You see, friend, my brain wanted to fight that this was happening, figure out the problem, and fix my Bride. She could feel me fighting this and instead of feeling accepted, she felt even more diseased. I can recall vividly when I changed my mind and accepted. Miss noticed and even said as much. It is what it is.

Whatever the future holds, I guess, it holds. Today, as Jesus said so long ago, has enough trouble – do not fast forward to tomorrow, friend. Do not fast forward. You see, Jesus was instructing us of the power of slowing down even though everything about our modern world seems to say otherwise. God, help me remember that I’m not in control. God, help me remember how much faith & love are intertwined. God, help me accept and at the same time remain hopeful. God, help me slow down to speed up. God, help me go down to somehow be brought up. God, help me…

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