Cook better…

Today, at the tail end of Lauren’s leader practice 48, Nick shared his learning. He shared his learning in the form of an old catch phrase about handling the heat. He gave his spin which was good. “If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen or learn to cook better.”

You see, friend, the universal language spoken between teammates and leaders is the language of performance. If you find yourself unable to get through to the one above you whether they be your manager, CEO, Chairman, or just some chump with an oversized title, don’t struggle getting your message heard. I’m not saying you should stop talking altogether, just stop talking to your leader when you sense your words are nothing more than wasted breath. You’ve always got options. At least two. You can get out of the kitchen. Fact. You are free to leave. You can learn to cook better. You can always let your cooking talk for you. You choose.

Today, I challenged a teammate to talk to themselves. Tell themselves what they need to master to dominate in the kitchen. All leaders, worth their salt, listen to the universal language of performance. So, friend, if you find yourself not getting through, try cooking up a storm. When your food is selling like hot cakes, feel free to talk to your leader about whatever’s sitting in your craw. Until then, if you’ve chosen to stay in your current kitchen, choose to learn to cook better; bitter, not so much.

Cook better. Good…

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