Nuanced learning…

In nearly sixteen years of BTL learning, there’s little doubt in my mind that we’re on the right track. Exceptional, sustainable performance begins individually, spreads to a few teammates slowly, and must be planted in the hearts and minds of the next generation of leaders before we transition power to them. The 12 8 4 framework works. It just takes a visionary leader, uncommon humility, Navy SEAL like discipline, courage of a lion combined with tenderness of a lamb, tons of deliberate practice, wisdom of Solomon, the ability to tune in like an animal being stalked, speak ccd truth in love, and an ambition for the team, the world, for something bigger than the self. Of course it is difficult. It is also doable. Good.

Nothing reminds me of the worthiness of this effort like letters from BTL practice participants explaining what the process has meant to them. Grappy and his team of grapplers are a great example. These young men have proven to me that this work is not exclusive to a certain demographic, age, or profession. Choice Recovery has taught me the same, as has Kaufman, Lockton, and many more. Here’s a letter from a young man just making his way. Let his words seep in and sear you. Slow down, friend, and let this in…

“I think that BTL has challenged me intellectually and mentally to pursue my core values and passions much further than I already have. Yesterday’s practice helped me put into words exactly what I was going through in leaving the XYZ university and making the difficult but necessary decisions in life to chase growth and progress. I think back to the story that you told to sell your stock and leave the company, and I think about the different stories and experiences that my teammates have shared.

In terms of wrestling, I believe that it is helping me to open up and begin to start attaining the little goals that I have set for myself to reach my full potential as a wrestler. I really felt that I made jumps that began to show in my performance two weekends ago at the U23 Worlds. I really like what you said yesterday about the “nuanced learning.” I feel like before BTL, I may have known some of the things that we talk about and address but my understanding is becoming more nuanced. I like to think that I have been exposed to a lot of great minds in my life so far but there are ALWAYS things to learn. And BTL has reassured me of that. I just want to say thank you.”

What, friend, are you continuing to nuance in your learning? Have you stopped learning once you think you know something? Why do all the masters fall in love with a thousand nuances and then a thousand more? Why are most of us so prone to chasing new learning like we chase shiny objects? Why is transformational learning mostly about unlearning what we think we know? The more I learn the less I know. And, the more I aim at transforming, the more I fall in love with nuanced learning.

Nuanced learning. Good…

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