Trump, trash talking, U2, and you…

Yesterday, in practice 29 with a team of Homies, we started with a little clip from the U2 documentary From the Sky Down. We watched the band trying to build their next expression back in 1989. The problem for each of us when it comes to our next expression is that when we’re in transition, when we reject the old norm, we experience a sense of nothing. In the middle – nothing. The fear of nothing is the real enemy of deep change, friends. The fear of nothing.

As Bono said so ccd, “You have to reject one expression of the band, FIRST, before you get to the next expression. And in between you have nothing. You have to risk it all.”

So, after another full day of ASF practice, Homeside practice, fauxnomo practice, Lockton practice, Durpitosh (improv) practice, and OSU b-ball practice, I decided it was time to finally give U2’s new album, Songs of Experience A proper listen. I had heard bits and pieces but have been enjoying so much of my sons music that I hadn’t gotten around to listening to one of my old favorites for quite awhile. U2’s next expression is not one of my favorites to listen to, at least not at first blush. It’s not bad, just not my fav. What I do love about it, however, is the classic U2 honesty. The band are not at all happy with the bully in the pulpit, namely Trump, and Bono’s never been afraid to take a stand. Love this. Give it a listen.

So far, my favorite track isn’t one so much about Trump as it is about you and me titled, Get Out of Your Way. You see, friend, as bad as Trumps trash talking is, the worst trash talk is the trash we tend to tell ourselves. Last night, in practice 8, we exposed a team to their explanatory style, the way they talk to themselves when adversity strikes. For many, they didn’t get the message ‘cause they didn’t want to hear that they might be their own worst enemy. It’s much easier to see a bully when he has a pulpit like Trump. It’s harder to hear that little voice in your head, and learn to get out of your own way.

So, friend, isn’t it about time for you to get out of your own way. Change your little voice, your self limiting beliefs, your internal trash talking, and begin anew. Repent (change your mind). Author your personal, next expression. Author your BTL core – worldview, identity, principles (W,I.P.) passions, purpose, and process (3P). Your six pack, BTL core, combined with your new mantra (mine is “keep working”) will quiet your little voice and strengthen your very soul. You will become a soul on fire singing your song. Sweet.

Reject your trash talking self. Author within your next expression. More love than fear, of course. Always more love, friend. Once you’ve aligned with your passions (your love to’s), go on and let it out, sing it out loud – sing your song. You and at least a few will never be the same. Good…

1 thought on “Trump, trash talking, U2, and you…

  1. Your post regarding the bully in the pulpit causes me to thank you–yet again–for the reminder that I need to stand aside of my thoughts about him and examine why I have those thoughts. Is my opposition righteous, or merely self righteous? Is there a positive role for opposition at all? What pain in me is triggered by the pain in him that is constantly transmitted? Is resistance the proper response, or perhaps simple awareness without judgment? The current reality is what it is. Maybe I should note that and proceed with my other work, and my next PA. One of which might include prayer to the ultimate pain-bearer. A blessed Christmas to you and yours, Chet.

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