Do hard things well…

Today, during practice 12, I told OB his problem was not articulating his dream for his work – it was authoring it. I cared enough to hit him without thinking. Too many of his teammates, well, they think too much and care too little. You see, friend, it’s not that hard to be a virtuous builder of your brothers/sisters, it’s just a little bit harder than taking a pass and letting them continue down that busy highway known as Normal Avenue.

Today, CD, cared enough to hit his peer with some hard truth. He told his peer that he is leading in fear and has been for quite awhile. CD cared enough to make his teammate uncomfortable. His teammate took it really well. He just might be ready to take the road less traveled, so to speak.

Today, Tommyc took a few steps toward mastering ccd (clear, concise, direct) by admitting to his teammates that he’s still got work to do. The first step toward mastering anything, friend, is admitting to oneself and oftentimes to others that you have work to do. What a biggish step it is, leader, to swallow the humility pill and admit that we too are a work in process. Today, fear took a hit in Chitown. A few teammates came together and built some trust. We finished with 7 good minutes talking about something real, something hard, something personal. The room had a distinct kinda hush to it, as teammates spoke and listened about stuff they wouldn’t have shared just twelve months prior.

Today was a good practice because it was hard. This team is learning to do hard things. Someday soon, after some skill building deliberate practices, this team is gonna learn to do hard things well. Do hard things well. Good…

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