Do the work…

I can recall when I began with the client whose writing you are about to read. I came home and confidently told Miss that this was going to be the shortest engagement we had ever had. My new client didn’t want to read or write. He resisted every productive action. He didn’t believe in himself and had a hard time accepting my belief. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and tested the limits of my abilities. Today, in our fourth year together, he’s the most improved leader I have the pleasure of practicing with. His recipe is simple – Do the work. Whatever PA we agree to at the end of practice, he does it. Do the work. Simple, not easy. Here’s his PA from our last practice.

“Bolted on habits for 2018 and beyond…

Don’t just practice -do it right -practice the right things

To get by sticking points you have to practice but first you must be aware

Remember men flood with anger – women flood with fear

Don’t return anger with anger

Communication grid lock, 31% of conflicts can be resolved by listening and discussing

Be careful of giving criticism, being defensive, stone walling, and or have contempt for others

Don’t get by, get started -just do it

Give me a productive plan, be accountable in writing

Listen, if you show respect you get respect

Don’t try to multi task when dealing with people. Give people your full attention

Practice the 20 40 60 rule everyday

Build patience with people, slow everything down

Think before you speak, try not to be antagonistic. Think of the repercussions to the things you say. And how what you say, effects others

Definition of virtue is being positive and being deemed to be morally good

The pilot says oh shit, Sully says it’s my aircraft. Take control is the meaning, have shoot in your eyes

Don’t seek justice, keep your glass always full

Say something nice to someone everyday, make being nice your way. Be kind to all

Change bad habits to good habits. Be conscious of your good and bad habits”

This may not seem like much to you, but to me this is some kind of freakin’ magic. You see, friend, this client has turned his obstacle into his way. When we started our work together, he struggled to read, comprehend, and write. He didn’t think he had it in him. He has worked his bunnies off. He’s made himself do what he can. He’s begun to believe that he has what it takes. He’s building leadership skills and fallen in love with active learning – productive action. Excellence is not limited to those with great talent. In fact, talent is often a hinderance to excellence as the world shows us example after example of potential that, well, remains potential – “could have been…”

Fall in love with learning new skills, friend. Double down on the effort. Excellence and accomplishment will come. Believe. Persist. One PA at a time. Like my good friend and client, you choose. Your choices have consequences. Do the work. Good…

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