Lucca and being with…

Today started early as I clipped into my pedals and headed down the mountain to meet up with Alison from Lucca Cycling Club, her new company. She greeted me with a smile and a quick wave to follow her as we turned to the left and headed up the river valley. We talked business and family as I tried to keep my breathing normalized (she goes fast easily as a recent Canadian National Champion). After about an hour we turned to the right and started up the first mountain of the day. As we rounded the 6th of 7th switchback the legs felt the lactic burn as muscles were being called upon in unfamiliar ways. Alison did a great job of throttling her pace down to mine (no way was I able to amp it up to hers). We talked, I mostly listened on the way up. It was beautiful to look out at the vista’s around every corner, so beautiful.

Three and a half hours later, we arrived back at our Villa. My legs were toast but my soul was soaring. There is nothing like climbing mountains to settle and sear me in regard to my place in this vast world. We said our goodbye’s and she pointed out some other climbs for me to do on my own. Miss, Tay, and I are now heading in to town to rent some bikes and tour the city wall, all while eating gelato (I’m told this is the way to do it). Later this afternoon we’ll be back at our Villa learning how to bake Eikorn wheat into tasty treats. Chef Carla, our host, will be teaching the class and it will be good. Day two in Lucca is not half complete but I somehow feel more whole already. Cycling mountains is spiritual. Cycling around the city on top the city walls is surreal. Being with twenty two strangers who are becoming friends in Carla’s kitchen is sublime. Being with my Miss through it all – simply the best.

Remember, friend, there is nothing more soothing to the soul than simply being with those you love and those you are learning to love. Being with. Good…

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