Carla’s curiosity…

The discovery of Einkorn wheat reads like a movie script. You may remember back in 1991 when the world discovered “Otzi,” a frozen man from 3400 BC that was found intact high up in the Italian Alps. Scientists have been studying his remains ever since. In his grip and in his pouch were Einkorn wheat seeds. We had no idea what they were…

Carla Bartolucci was born into a poor but productive American family, lost both her parents very young, studied abroad in Italy and discovered more than her love for food (found her husband too). When her daughters were born, however, her passion took a turn. One of her daughters was sickly from the start and nothing seemed to help. Carla, like most Mom’s, tried everything and went to all kinds of doctors in search of a cure. Nothing seemed to work until Otzi stumbled along. Carla heard about the ancient grain found in his hands and like the bold entrepreneur that she is, she picked up the phone and called them. The scientists were more interested in studying the grain than in making anything out of it, so they agreed to give some of the seeds to her to play with in her kitchen. So, play she did. This grain is very different from the hybridized product we’re all familiar with, it’s much harder to work with but much denser in nutrients – much denser. In fact, Einkorn wheat is loaded with proteins and minerals that make it a kinda super food.

Fast forward to today. Jovial foods is the name of Carla’s thriving Einkorn wheat business. She has product sold around the world both online and in Whole Foods markets and other grocers. Her daughters ailments and chronic illness symptoms are gone since Carla began to cook only Einkorn pasta, breads, pizza, and other Italian goodies for her. Countless others have found her products superior, all because Carla was curious.

Full circle.

We’re here with Carla because Miss has a mind very much like Carla’s. My bride, you see, had been ill for over a year when her curiosity connected her with Carla and Eikorn wheat. We’re here as a celebration of Missi’s return to a healthy/physical life that we weren’t sure was possible 18 months back. Last night, with 21 newfound friends, we made three Eikorn wheat based pasta dishes that were absolutely delicious. If you haven’t checked out Carla’s products at Whole Foods, you are missing a key ingredient to your wellness. The junk we market as grain is a joke. Get her cookbook at You’ll be better fed and better for it. Food, remember, is our first medicine.

Einkorn is back in use because of Carla’s curiosity. Fact. Take a page from her and my Miss, friend. Stay curious. Be well. Good…

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