Own this…

I get like this when we leave anywhere I love. I get incredibly heavy, almost lethargic, and sentimental. Today, walking around the beautiful Villa for the last time, I noticed the large outdoor table where we had our opening dinner with twenty newfound friends. Took me back seven days in an instant. Handing my borrowed bike to Raffa, last night, we couldn’t communicate at all except in hand gestures and shared admiration of the beautiful tool for taking on these hills and mountains. We had shared admiration for the bicycle and for what it makes possible.

Last night was pizza night. Watching Carla teach us how to roll the dough and then trying to figure it out on my own was a lesson in life. I had to start over more than once. She helped me along the way, mostly by advising when to realize I stretched the dough to its limit. She stopped short of doing it for me. She knows we’ve all got to learn how to make our own. So, at the end of the night, we all experienced the joy of being fed by our own creation.

We all made our own and admired each other’s. This is a good recipe for life, friend. Own your own way, if you will. Nobody else can make your life great besides you.

Own this. Make your own way. Admire others. Help ‘em as you can and as they’ll let you. Good…

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