Your name…

I’m flying back to reality as I write this rant. Miss, Tay, and I are somewhere over the Atlantic at the moment and have been to some special places over the past twelve days. We’ve walked on the same stones as Marcus Aurelius back in the first century and seen the birthplace of the Renaissance – Florence. We walked on bridges built for pilgrimages to Rome and rode our bikes through Tuscany. We’ve eaten at fine restaurants and enjoyed street food too. The best moments were around food with Carla and Lorenzo, our culinary hosts. We made new friends and got to be with Andrew Paul, our Berlin based boy. There were times during this trip that Miss and I have been overwhelmed by the beauty. It’s almost been too much to take in. We saw great works by Michelangelo, Raphael, and many others. We marveled at so many creations from those that have come before us. It’s been a good twelve days. Here’s my simple takeaway.

There’s not much more important than your name.

Your name, specificially the name you’ve given yourself, is really all you’ve got. Your reputation is not your name. Your reputation is what others name you. We’ve got next to no control of what others call us, do we. We can’t protect our name in terms of what others will call us when we’re not around. Your name is not your given name by birth, boss, bride, brother, or any other. Protect your name, friend. Your name is yours alone to give. There’s nothing much more important than protecting your name. Stand for beauty, justice, honor. Bathe in love. Master your craft. Do not compromise your name. The “dark night of the soul” moment is a case of mistake identify, remember. I appreciate Marcus Aurelius more now than ever. Jesus too. These men knew their name. Neither of them wrote a book or had a monument erected for us to remember them by. Neither named a building after themselves. They knew the importance of their name and we’re still talking about them today.

What’s the name you’ve given yourself, friend. Good…

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