Today ended with OSU grappler practice 76. The team is mostly missing as it’s summertime and only freshmen and a few others are in the room training during this “downtime.” Kyle Snyder, now graduated but working in the room as an Olympian, was there. He’s always at BTL team practice when he’s here. You can say that participating in BTL team practice is one of his habits. You would be correct. Kyle has lots of habits, as do you and I.

You see, Kyle has a masters mindset. He understands that it’s not about simply winning. Life is about becoming your best. You and I become what we habitually do. Fact. Today, we talked about the master craftsmen who built The Colosseum, learned from the best builder in Cbus (Matrka), and listened to Aarons little brother. We learned from all, at least we were given the opportunity to. Masters, remember, do not simply learn from teachers, mentors, and leaders. Master, make it their habit to learn from everyone the universe places in their path. Masters are not afraid to learn what they think they already know. You see, masters are not in a hurry and not easily distracted by shiny objects. Masters marry the mundane. Heard that before?

We ended practice with a significant challenge to all. I asked them to write about what’s tripping them up on their road to becoming a master in their current craft. You see, friend, we’ve all got habits that are holding us back. Masters don’t just play to their strengths. Masters look in the mirror and take responsibility for fixing what they don’t like seeing. Normal humans simply look away. Masters understand that Aristotle wasn’t off the mark when he wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do.” We become, for better or worse, what we habitually do.

What habit is holding you back? Slow down and sit with this one for awhile…

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