The real you…

All humans, we know, are a house divided. Today, during practice 226 with k-dev krazies, Anthony began to talk about his love for the team and his lack of clarity around his love for the work. He’s divided and it’s still good. Do not be discouraged, friend, if you find yourself unclear with regard to loving the team and loving the work. Most of us never get the “and,” most of the time. If you’ve found some semblance of love for one or the other think of it this way – you’re half way home. No need to panic, grow anxious, or think too much about it. You’re half way whole.

So, today, young Jake filmed a bit of our BTL practice. He interviewed one krazy and got some great material for our upcoming video he’s producing. The magic, however, was when he told the k-dev krazies the root why behind him being with them. You see Jake is the son of Tom Ryan, OSU’s successful Head Coach of wrestling. Jake, just a few years back was starting on his dad’s team and losing sight of what he was chasing. His wrestling was winding down just as his desire for videography was starting to become clear. Timing wasn’t great. He was a starter with two years of eligibility left and loved the team; the work, not so much. He was divided. For him, playing with his love to’s, not thinking about them, brought the clarity for him to leave the team he loved to pursue the work he loved. This was not easy. He had to tell his dad he was leaving. Simple, not easy.

Today, Jake is filled with energy. You can see it oozing out his pores. He’s no longer sweating and regretting on the mat. He’s sweating and realizing his opus in the studio. It’s still hard work. This time it’s hard opus. Hard opus, remember, we sustain as we tire. Hard labor, we disdain as we tire.

The k-dev krazies took to today’s message, will, like the team of krazies their founder dreamt of forming. This team is bathing in autonomy and responsibility. This team is filled with fear and encouraging teammates who aren’t afraid to be who they are. This team is divided as they fight to unite. Remember, most battles are within, not with others. This team welcomed two newbies today. You would have thought they’d been with us for 225 practices instead of one. The psychological safety was off the freakin’ charts. This doesn’t happen by accident. This happens because a leader believes in the discipline of practice and starts doing it on day one and continues doing it on year eight!

All humans are a house divided. The problem is not your division. The problem is when you no longer love. If you loathe the team and loathe the work, you’re dying. If you’re going through the motions and simply sucking it for a long while, you’re slowly dying. If you love one or the other, you’re half way home. Keep working. Baby step into more love to’s. Relax, you’re young. Clarity will come when you, most likely, stumble into some love to’s that’s got you lit. Like me, when you love the work and love the team, nobody else is gonna have to tell you. You’ll feel it, and like Jake, telling “dad” won’t even be that hard. Freakin’ magic, baby.

Love this, friend. Love the baby steps of discovery. You’ll find it. Actually, you’re gonna find the one you’ve always been searching for – the real you. You’re moving from hole to whole and becoming BTL. The real you. Good…

1 thought on “The real you…

  1. My clarity – like this team’s – is when you have clarity, depth, alignment and significance in why you/we are here, who you/we are, and how you/we want to live and work. This takes humility and courage and practice.

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