Sins of omission…

Yesterday and nearly everyday, I see small teams who are becoming BTL. These elite teams buried within the larger team, have built trust and are tasting chemistry. They care enough to challenge one another, hit each other with hard truth, and know when to lend a hand and simply help one of their own that’s hurting, struggling, or not quite keeping up. Here’s the problem.

The larger team, the team of teams if you will, is somehow lost on ‘em. Yesterday, I told a story about an elite team I once worked for – CompuServe. We were a team, at least the unit I worked with – CompuServe Network Services. We were not a team of teams. We had a sister division – CompuServe Information Service – and I could not have cared less. CIS did not feel like our team. I didn’t challenge them, lend a hand, or help them when they were flying high or, more importantly, when they were bleeding cash and subscribers faster than you could say WOW!

Your challenge, leader, is to care more for units outside your control. I sucked at this when it mattered most. I cared for my own; CompuServe as a whole, not so much. I didn’t do anything harmful really. I didn’t sabotage or attempt to derail them. I just didn’t care enough to speak my mind, share hard truths, and be a good brother, if you will. I simply stood by and let them trip over themselves. Not good.

The reason most systems become extinct, friend, is because of sins of omission, not sins of commission. If you see a team traveling down a bumpy road or headed in the wrong direction and you know something that might help – speak up! Sure, they may not listen or like your two cents. Love them, anyway. Be kind. Don’t do what I did. You wouldn’t do that to your sister, would you? Why do it to your sister division, unit, or team?

Sins of omission are silent killers. Speak up. Good…

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