Nothing new…

People respond more readily to offers than they do to requests. Thank you, Molly Bloom. The mistake we most often make when dealing with unreasonable people is attempting to be reasonable. Thank you, Edwin Friedman. All systems are filled with tension. The job of the leader is to pass it to its rightful owner. Yesterday, ended with one of my fellow builders asking me if it’s normal for practices to feel like groundhog day. Yes and no, I replied.

You see, friend, the world is infatuated with shiny new objects, chasing the hack, the pill, and the easy way ‘round. However, the greatest moral teachers do little instructing, they mostly remind us.

Yesterday I reminded family, friends, clients, and mostly myself that the world of BTL team practice requires a master builders touch, knowledge, and skill to create the feeling that somehow the practice is facilitating itself. Your job, leader, is eerily similar. The best leaders, during the crucible or the mundane Monday morning, make it look like it’s effortless and they aren’t really doing much to orchestrate whatever is the day’s proceedings. They don’t make demands or urgent requests. They’ve played Molly’s game (great freakin’ movie, btw) and understand human nature. They’ve read The Crucible and understand the mindset of the mob. So, in the mundane moment and equally in the moment of truth, they simply make us an offer to join them on their highway. More than a few of us are somewhere between intrigued and inspired, so we follow along with open hearts.

Remember, friend, the BTL leader is some crazy combination of “My way IS the highway and Curious George. Yesterday, today, and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be a little bit of both depending on the circumstances before me. It won’t be groundhog day but it won’t be something I’ve not seen hundreds of times before. There is nothing new under the sun. Thank you, Solomon…

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