Hurting humans…

Today, during practice 59 with a team under construction, we heard from almost everyone about what they’re learning from whatever book they’ve been reading. It was amazing. More than half the participants are actively reading and writing. One, however, remained silent. As practice wound down, one of her peers asked her why she had remained silent. It did not take long to realize it was because she’s hurting.

Hurting and holding it in. Hurting and holding it together. Hurting and hoping nobody notices. Hurting and having a hard time hearing anything but the dull, dreary, and nearly constant notes from that all too familiar pain refrain. Hurting humans come in all sizes and shapes. Hurting humans come from north, south, east, and west. Hurting humans are rich and poor. Hurting humans are young and old. Hurting humans are outsiders and insiders. Hurting humans are single and married. Hurting humans are here, there, and everywhere. Today, leader, hold the hand of those that are hurting. Hurting humans are everywhere.

Hurting humans.

You and I are hurting humans, aren’t we. As leaders, it might help you and your team, to put out your hand and ask for help, let someone grab hold, and return the favor. Hurting humans hold hurting humans.


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