Never stop…

One of the side bennies of this work is the amount of books people give me. It seems every time I turn ‘round somebody is thinking of a book that they are certain is just right for me. This past week was no exception. Billy Graham: An Ordinary Man and His Extraordinary God Is a quick read with lots of nuggets, kinda like listening to one of Billy’s messages.

Billy, according to Gallup who has surveyed the world for it’s top ten most admired list since 1946, has appeared over 60 times – by far the most of anyone. And, Billy was always learning and trying to get better. He read nearly non stop and, even at 81, when he met the author of the book mentioned above, his first inclination was to be curious not comment. He genuinely loved people, loved learning about them, and loved learning how to continue mastering his craft. He was number one in the world (in his domain) and acted like he was behind.

You, friend, could learn something from Billy. No matter your position, age, or level of mastery, you still have much to learn. Billy never stopped learning.

Never stop learning. Never stop being curious. Never stop. Good..

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