A funny thing happened along the way to Dr. Cutfirst’s office…

Yesterday as I drove my luxury vehicle toward Dr. Cutfirst’s office, I was feeling sorry for myself again. I was in a climate controlled vehicle, heated seats turned on, and Spotify chill tunes soothing me from six speakers and my mood was some combination of frustrated, angry, and sad. Yes, I’m mentally weak/soft. You see, friend, I was allowing my mind to marinate on another woe is me moment and wasn’t feeling like changing it either. I mean “come on man,” I heard my little voice scream, “this sucks that you’re wasting another day sitting with Dr. Cutfirst for the 56th, freakin’ time!” Wrapped in luxury and listening to chill tunes just wasn’t doing it. I caught myself tightening up and decided enough was enough. So, I slowed my breath and brain. And, as I did, something funny happened in my head. I imagined what this might have been like one hundred years ago. Hmm.

What if?

What if my genetic existence came into being back then? Well, I thought, I would probably be dead by now as these little nuisances would have been a full fledged nightmare. No cuts and these little squamous cells would have surely found an organ or two by now. A slow, miserable shut down would have already hit this system and it would not have been a fun ride down either.

My mind and mood changed. Instantly!

I went from woe is me to wow, how lucky am I to have the luxury of Dr. Cuttfirst and her cancer killing knife. A Duchenne smile creased my face. My mood completely changed even though the circumstance was exactly the same. I was still driving to Cutty and losing a day, but my mind somehow was grateful instead of grumpy. I began to see Dr. Cutty as she really is, a helpful tool that technology has gifted me. I get to be with her and have her help me, I kept saying to my sorry, soft, self. How lucky am I to have this genetic makeup, now, I kept thinking and couldn’t help but smiling. My mind changed and my mood came along for the ride. By the time I arrived my mood was chill and calm. Very cool.

What if, friend?

What if your circumstances are not the problem? What if your perspective is? What if? Hmm. Why don’t we experiment with a little mind game, I mean come on man, what can it really hurt? Pick a Debbie downer situation/circumstance for you. Think about it for awhile. Widen your perspective. Try to find something in your situation you can be grateful for. Change what you allow your mind to marinate upon, friend. Stop allowing your little voice to chatter unchecked. Water the positives as you widen the lens of your perspective. Repent – Change your mind, remember? Yesterday was another grateful day invested with good Doc’s who are keeping my cancer in check. My biggest challenge remains keeping my chatter checked too. How ‘bout you?

What chatter do you need to check, friend? Good…

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