Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, thought one way. Louis XIV, thought differently. Both were lucky enough to be crowned as King. Philip II, a Macedonian, who probably lacked formal education and proper manners, thought “early and often” about his eventual death. In fact, he hired a servant to remind him daily of his mortality. The servants job was to utter these words each day at daybreak to his King. “Philip, one day you will die.”

France’s Louis XIV, thought differently. During his reign as King he decreed that the word “death” not be spoken in his presence. Louis was not alone in his fear of death. According to research done by Don Brown, and covered in his book, Human Universals we are all afraid of the same thing – Death. Yet most of us spend little time thinking about our mortality. We hear countless motivational speakers tell us to “begin with the end in mind” or something like that, yet few of us really do, especially regarding our death. One day, friend, you will die.

So, are you living by design or default?

What is it you want said about your life?

Have you authored your worldview, or do you merely parrot others?

Are you living your life with 20/20 clarity as if 2020 is your end?

Are you more like Philip II or Louis XIV?

Let this rant serve as an irritant reminder. Great lives don’t obsess about the end and great lives don’t freak out about the fact that someday they too will be gone. Great lives are lived through the seasons and by embracing transition moments, hinge moments, and MOT (moments of truth). Great lives require a deep focus on today, on this moment friend. Live today with gratitude and clarity of aim. Great lives, as Solomon observed, recognize the gift of life and the giver as well. King Philip lived with clarity. How ‘bout you?

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks)…

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